Dashboard elements not refreshing with updates to csv/feature layer

08-16-2022 09:37 AM
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I created a new csv file from existing data, to create a new feature layer (needed to split particular category fields not aligned in original data set).  This layer's review table was then selected as the source in a serial chart dashboard element (the layer itself has no data to show, as there is no location attributed to the data). 

Using the review table, the dashboard element is created without difficulty.  However, any change to the csv file and subsequent updating in ArcGIS, is reflected in the csv file itself, but is NOT reflected in the associated dashboard element OR the review table associated with the feature layer (I did read in another post by @LeoWilliams that apparently review tables are not refreshed in dashboard elements...?) 

I have tried to append data to the feature layer (cannot be done without location details); also to create a new element using the updated csv to no avail.  Editing is enabled for all layers and refresh time is set to 0.5 minutes. 

Hmmmm....What might I be missing? Thanks

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