Operations dashboard not refreshing the feature

07-16-2017 05:49 AM
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I am trying to create an operation view of my data in dashboard, in the web map i set the refresh interval to 6 seconds (which is working fine),  when i try set the refresh interval in dashboard it doesn't refresh, any ideas why? I set the refresh interval in dashboard to 3 seconds using single refresh interval but the layer doesn't refresh. I even set the external layers to my feature and set it to dynamic but nothing is refreshing unless you drag the cursor every time across the dashboard.

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I also came across this issue recently.

I learnt that if you're using a table from the web map as the source for your dashboard indicator, the refresh interval won't be respected on the dashboard.

However if you use the layer which the table is attached to, the refresh interval will be respected. 

Internet speed also plays a huge role in the refresh rate of your dashboard.

Hope this was helpful.


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I am having a similar issue. 

I created a new csv file with existing data, to create a new feature layer.  This layer's review table was then selected as the source in a serial chart dashboard element (the layer itself has no data to show, as there is no location attributed to the data). 

Using the review table, the dashboard element is created without difficulty.  However, any change to the csv file and subsequent updating in ArcGIS, is reflected in the csv file itself, but is NOT reflected in the associated dashboard element OR the review table associated with the feature layer.

I have tried to append data to the feature layer (cannot be done without location details); also to create a new element using the updated csv to no avail.  Editing is enabled for all layers and refresh time is set to 0.5 minutes. 

What might I be missing?


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Hi there,

I reported it to ESRI support earlier this year and they flagged it as a bug which was fixed with ArcGIS Enterprise 11. 

We are still using AGE 10.9.1 and living with that bug, I don't think they will bother fixing it for previous versions than AGE 11.