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04-05-2020 07:51 PM
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Hi there,

I am trying to use different category selectors to search for values. My expectation is once I have selected value in category selector on a map it should pan to the relevant location and then zoom into the detail so I can view the feature.  After I have changed the settings on Category selector and Map I cant achieve the accurate result.

My question is what I am looking is it not possible with Category selector or I am missing anything?



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I have created a Dashboard that has 2 category selectors by 2 different geographies.

They worked fine, but now for reasons unknown, now when I select a region, the data in the map disappears and it no longer pans or zooms to the location selected! 

I went through the actions and compared them to another dashboard that works fine. Everything is the same!


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Hello, is there a difference between Dashboards ArcGIS Enterprise and AGOL?

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