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04-05-2020 07:51 PM
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Hi there,

I am trying to use different category selectors to search for values. My expectation is once I have selected value in category selector on a map it should pan to the relevant location and then zoom into the detail so I can view the feature.  After I have changed the settings on Category selector and Map I cant achieve the accurate result.

My question is what I am looking is it not possible with Category selector or I am missing anything?



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Not sure if there is already a proper solution, but what works for me is to set the category selector first to "Features" option, set a "Zoom" action for the map, and then change to the "Grouped values" option.

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by Anonymous User
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I found a temporary work around friends! I think it's probably a glitch but in short:

  1. Temporarily make the category selector filter from features instead of grouped values.
  2. In actions, add the zoom action like Derek showed in the picture in reply to OP.
  3. Exit the tool, use the selector really quick to filter to a single point.
  4. Reconfigure the category selector, except now change the "Categories from" to "Grouped values"
  5. Look at the action menu again, you will see the zoom action was left in after switching (please see attached pictures to this post) .

From the little testing I have done, it seems to work exactly how we would like it to. If it does not work for people here, I can make the dashboard I'm using public, but give this a shot first. 

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Very nice! I was able to test this in ArcGIS Online with a registered feature service from our Enterprise GIS Server.  Worked great.  Couldn't get it to work on our 8.1 Portal environment, however.  

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You're the man!

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Unfortunately, I think they finally fixed this glitch 😞

I've tried today, to do what I know has worked for me in the past, by first selecting 'Categories from Features'
and selecting Zoom and Pan options,    then changing to 'Categories from Grouped Values'

But Zoom and Pan options now disappear from Actions  when changing back to 'Grouped Values'

anyone got any other tricks?

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Workaround isn't working for me either... 
@DerekLaw why can't you pan or zoom to for grouped values in the new ArcGIS Dashboards? Seems like very basic functionality... 

Anneka France
Technical Manager at The Rivers Trust
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Hi @Anneka_France,

> ... why can't you pan or zoom to for grouped values in the new ArcGIS Dashboards? Seems like very basic functionality... 

Apologies for the late reply. I can't comment on this enhancement, as I don't work on the ArcGIS Dashboards team. I moved to a different team about a year ago. Sorry.

Please vote for and add comments to this similar submitted enhancement request,
Operations Dashboard: Add "Zoom to" to grouped or fixed values Category Selector

Hope this helps,


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Thanks! I've been banging my head against the wall with this very problem all afternoon.

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This glitch still exists!

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Please add this funcationality!!

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