ArcGIS Dashboard Image type custom symbols not visible

03-28-2022 08:53 AM
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We are having issues with our ArcGIS Dashboard dashboards.
We use in one of our maps image type symbols stored in ArcGIS Online and shared publicly.
The symbols are no longer displayed since this morning.



When we create a Classic Dashboard with the same map, we have the symbols.



The same configuration worked perfectly with the new Dashboard until Friday.
Was there an ArcGIS Online upgrade that could be causing this?
We are aware that custom image type symbols are not supported by the new MapViewer that's why we made the map with the old one.
Does anyone have a clue?
Thanks for your help!

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To confirm until Friday the symbols were visible in new dashboards but not in the new map viewer? The map element of new dashboards should support the same symbols as the new map viewer. Is there a sample dashboard or map available?

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Until Friday the symbols were visible on both the new Dashboard and the new MapViewer.

The map is designed with the old mapviewer and the dashboard designed with the new Dashboard.

Here is the feature layer.

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