ArcGIS Dashboard Distinct Count not working

04-30-2021 06:37 AM
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I am trying to get a distinct count on a string field and keep getting returned "no data". The count alone will work properly. I have tried on multiple layers and different fields with out luck?

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FYI. I've been working with our vendor and ESRI. There are a couple of tickets open. The first one being the main one everyone above is having issues with.

BUG-000140578 - In ArcGIS Online Dashboard, a distinct indicator does not display a distinct value

BUG-000141264 - The distinct function of the Indicator Widget in ArcGIS Dashboard shows no data when configured with an ArcGIS Enterprise feature layer (aka referenced data source).

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I am also having this issue with Data Expressions.  It seems to work fine with the hosted feature.  Can ESRI confirm this is a bug?

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