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Value Conversion for Charts - Dashboards

10-08-2020 09:54 AM
Status: Already Offered
New Contributor II

While it's fantastic that we've got the value conversions working for the Indicator Widgets. It would be great if that functionality could also be added into charts as well. It does not help our leadership team know how many feet of pipe we have in a column chart when all our reporting is in miles. I understand I can manually create a field and do that conversion, however the whole point of getting this dashboard up and running is so that we can see this content on the fly as it's being input, not after we remember to do a field calculation from feet to miles.

It was suggested to post this on the ideas page. Another idea was already proposed for this, but I'm determined to make this happen.

Status changed to: Implemented

Value conversions can be done on all data-driven dashboard elements via data expressions

Status changed to: Already Offered