single-click map selection to update widgets

06-10-2021 08:45 AM
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@DerekLaw  I’m trying to enable Dashboard map-click functionality where when a user clicks on a feature in a map, the widgets in the dashboard update to reflect that selection. Currently, just getting a pop-up (with no widget update) when a feature is clicked on. I know that if I enable the “selection” action, then the user is presented with a non-intuitive selection tool they have to use to select a feature (which then updates the widgets), but that seems really kludge.

I’ve run into this request multiple times for various clients, and usually end up using pick-lists and dropdowns to force a single selection, but it really shouldn’t be that complicated. See a couple of non-Esri solutions that intuitively do what I’m trying to do:

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"the user is presented with a non-intuitive selection tool". I agree with this. The UI needs to be improved. And it would be good to be able to allow the selection tool to remain active.

I have suggested to at least expose all selection tools when using map layer actions rather than have a dropdown: Map layer selection tool layout. Even with the current dropdown setup, the default selection option needs to be configurable or automatically default to the last selection made by the user.


The selection can also be made from the pop-up, though I prefer to use the Details element rather than the pop-up for most of my Dashboards.




Hi @KevinMcMaster2

Belated thanks for your post. I responded to your direct email 2 weeks ago, but forgot to update this post.


Belated thanks for your comments to help provide more context on this enhancement.

We'll wait and see the level of interest from the user community to help us prioritize this item.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

I'm surprised this doesn't have more comments. I think this option would be a major ux improvement. Think about google maps - you don't have to turn on a selection tool in order to get the details of some point of interest. You just click it. I feel like that should be standard functionality, with the option to force a more deliberate selection tool if the workflow requires it. 

This could be an option for configuration in the web map widget - either use the selection tools, or use a map click without the selection tool to trigger actions. 

This would be great to have as a function.  seems pretty clunky to have to toggle a selection tool to trigger an action.


Yes, from a usability perspective this would be a great improvement. 

Several public authorities in my country are requesting this functionality, to be able to publish some public facing applications. 

The user should be able to click in map directly (without selecting a tool prior) and the widgets in the dashboard update to reflect that selection. 

I'll be happy to elaborate further around this @DerekLaw if needed. 


I agree. The best web apps don't need instructions, but I have to go to great lengths to splice in instructions for all my dashboards -- either in the dashboard somehow (wasting space) or in a separate document (which I can't guarantee that people will read or even have access to) because it's nowhere close to intuitive. It's also just annoying to have to deal with turning a tool on and off, even if you do know where it is/what it does.