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04-30-2018 09:41 AM
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Add the ability to edit the font size and color of series labels in ArcGIS Operations Dashboard. Currently, it is very difficult to read them depending upon the color of the bar, and the font size. Also, it would be helpful to be able to edit their appearance - I would prefer to just show the number and not the category label.

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@LeilaJackson1 Serial charts allow you to control the size/color of labels on the Chart tab during configuration. Further refinement (e.g. change size) can be done on the Category Axis and Value Axis. Is there something else you need? Also, can you provide more info on "just show the number and not the category label"? (depending on the answer, we might have to consider that as a separate idea/request) 





Thank you for following up. I am referring to the labels associated with the Series on a Serial Chart. You can not edit the size or color of the labels associated with the series bars or the hover text associated with the bars.For the series labels, you are able to format how the number appears, but you cannot format the hover text fields. In the example attached, I would prefer to just show the number, as the series label is redundant and busy. It would be nice to have the option to include just the number or number and series label. See attached photos.  I would also like to be able to actually edit the category labels. As you can see in the attached, the data was created with the category number followed by the label. I am not able to change the actual data, but it would be nice to edit the label so it doesn't have the category number at the front. dashboard series labels.PNGHover labels.png


+1 on giving the possibility to edit the category labels

Status changed to: Closed

There are a few ideas in this short thread. Ideally, they'd be separated to be voted on individually. I am going to close this one, with the following information to be considered ... 

Category labels can be edited in two ways (i.e. two ways that do not involved editing the underlying data).

1 - Manually, via the Category Axis tab at design time: 


2 - Via a data expression

The size of the labels on the bars/columns on a serial chart is controlled by the Font Size setting on the Chart tab. 



We are internally tracking the idea to provide more design time options on serial chart hover text as ENH-000122760, and this something that is in the product plan for a future release. 


Hi @patrickb 

Thanks to your response to this issue. Is there an Idea created for number 1 listed above? Also, the link for number 2 does not seem to be working.






Oops. I've fixed the link (hopefully). Number 1 above is already in the product and is available at design time.