Re-order categories in Serial Charts

06-10-2019 02:39 PM
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I'd love for Ops Dashboard to have the ability to re-order categories in Serial Charts?

Currently, we're able to sort categories. But, unable to categorise them manually.




By sorting ascending as shown in my screenshot, I get bars showing High, Low, Medium or I can switch to a descending sort for Medium, Low, High but neither of those orders is as desirable as the more reasonable order of Low, Medium, High which isn't possible with a text sort.

The data is coming from another business system that my team doesn’t control so editing the schema is not an option.

Status are:  High, Medium, Low, however in the dashboard we see

The chart order are High Low Medium


Unfortunately, sorting in charts is not always an option.  As shown below, when your categories are from a date field (which does sort appropriately), and the data is split by a field, sorting the series is not an option.  

And unfortunately, the order seems to be random. For example, the following two images are the same chart with the fiscal year filtered based on a category selector applied to the page.  For one fiscal year, they're sorted one way, with the Total Intake being at the top of the stacked bars (preferred and intuitive ordering), but for another fiscal year, the Owner Surrendered number (which is a separate field and a portion of the Total Intake) is shown at the top of the stacked bars.  Being able to sort the  series manually or in some logical order would prevent misleading information in the dashboards. 

Series sorted appropriately for one fiscal year selected:

Order of series changed in same chart with different fiscal year selected


Expanding on Sarah's reply. I found a way to sort my series data. My first bar chart:

2nd bar chart: 

I added another sort feature (and also the only option they gave me for a second sort feature). Now, my categories are already in a good numerical order (0 lowest - 5 highest) so it worked out. 


I’m having the same issue...age groups are being machine  sorted.... as an example age 4-5 is graphed  right next to  age group 45-46 to suggestions


We have the same issue and it's a real frustration - it usually means having to go back and change the source data to include A/B/C or 1/2/3 as a prefix to each entry, so that the categories are sorted correctly. One example is months in text format (not date fields) - March 2020, April 2020, May 2020 will only order itself as April 2020, March 2020, May 2020, unless we put a prefix in the data before uploading it for the dashboard. If we were able to manually sort the order via drag and drop or similar, it would make things much more straightforward.


Hi Mike - how did you add the sort option? Assume can't be done out of the box?


I should apologize for this post. The sorting I did above only mildly fixed my problem. In my case its supposed to be ordered green, yellow, orange, red,  and at lease with the sorting I described above, the green is now on the bottom, but the other colors are not ordered correctly. Katie, the sorting I did was out of the box and is on the Data tab of the Serial Chart Configure options. I added another sort field and used "Statistic" to sort it secondarily.


I have a similar issue.  I don't control the data schema.  I have six possible values for project status.  Users need the order of the bars to display in a logical, chronological order: Not Planned, Plan, Design, Construction, etc.  Sorting them alphabetically doesn't help.  Being able to move the order of the bars manually, like you can with classes in a layer symbol visualization, even in a web map, would be ideal. 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Same to add emphasis/need to this issue.  I need to show day of week and then the value of time, would be helpful if in a sensible order...