Operations Dashboard - Value Conversion for CHARTS

10-24-2018 10:42 AM
Status: Already Offered
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The ability to apply a FACTOR (e.g. convert FEET to MILES) in an "Indicator" widget is VERY useful.  I would like to see the same capability added to SERIAL Charts and PIE Charts.  I want to sum length (feet) but report in MILES.  I currently can only show feet in charts.  Please add a "FACTOR" option to "Series" Labels.

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I agree, I'd like to see this ability added.

I'd like to convert gallons to liters before displaying on the chart. If I add access to the data structure I could make the change in the back-end, but sadly, I don't. I'm sure others are in the same position I am.


Yes, this would be handy.  We have a COVID-19 dashboard and it would be useful to convert # of cases to # of cases per 100,000 on the fly, with out adding another field for this.


We're working on getting our infrastructure stats into live dashboards for both internal and public use. Mostly everything is reported in miles. This would help immensely to be able to convert this on the fly. Adding another column to the data, that isn't going to be auto updated by the software isn't going to help us a whole lot in this case.

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The desired result (I believe) can be accomplished with data expressions. 

Some examples here.



Agree this basic functionality would be very useful. Data expressions do the job to an extent but having to write code just to convert units is quite a big ask for users unfamiliar with Arcade. It also introduces constraints in other areas, for example (as far as I can tell) charts based on expressions do not respond to spatial filters.