Operations dashboard - swap out web map option

10-21-2018 02:59 PM
Status: Open
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Within the map configuration settings, would it be possible to offer options to:

  • Swap out the web map for a new one?
  • Map the previous layers referenced in the dashboard to new ones (assuming similar schemas)?

My challenge is that I have a dashboard comprising a map, 5 charts, 2 indicators, date and category selectors.  There are a wealth of complex actions set up.  I wish to create version 2 in parallel so I don't damage version 1.  This is presently  difficult because if I save out a copy of the dashboard then remove the web map, all items referencing it are deleted.

A further challenge is that my layers have complex symbology and were published to ArcGIS Online using ArcGIS Pro to retain this.  Should the data change in future, like further categories be added, I will need to republish from Pro.  To integrate the new data into my dashboard would seem to then require a rebuild of the web map also the dashboard.

Open to suggestions if I am missing something!

See also idea.


This is a huge issue for me as well.  If a feature class field changes I end up having to recreate the entire dashboard from scratch.  I would love to see a tool similar to "Feature Class to Feature Class" in ArcGIS Pro where I can map fields from OLD to NEW and preserve all the work invested into the dashboard.

This would be a great enhancement for me as well. I haven't had to do it yet (change to a new web map but keep dashboard widget settings), but I know it will happen sometime. It might be possible to do this through the AGOL Assistant / JSON editor, but it would be nice to do it right in the designer.

This is a workflow I need constantly. I have set up a Dashboard to track metrics from Survey 123 submissions of our client field projects. We do these projects all the time with many clients. I just want to create a copy of my complex dashboard and replace the webmap/data it references as the schema will always be the same.

I've run in to same issue and it's quite frustrating. I'll frequently make mock-up dashboards that I will want to simply change out 1 map and BAM, all of the nonrelated filters break on the selector. I currently have a dashboard pulling from 5 different data sets powering 10 charts/cards and 1 map. I have a similar field in all of the data sets so I have my category selector filter all of the different fields at a time. When I went to change out the map for a new map, the category selector is gone and I have to go reconfigure it and link it to all of the different charts/cards. Very frustrating. Enterprise doesn't even give you a warning about it. 

If it's any help, you can modify the ID references in the JSON using ArcGIS Online Assistant. It's recommended that you keep a copy of the JSON before editing, in case you break something by deleting the wrong piece of code.