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10-09-2019 04:07 PM
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Real-world Problem: Users want to share the extent of the map/dashboard they are looking at, with other non-GIS staff.

Audience: Search and Rescue, Firefighters, Law Enforcement - in particular, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency Urban Search and Rescue Teams

Example: (Exercise Only) Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 

Technical Problem: These users will 1) have no idea how to define an extent 2) the custom URL scheme outlined here is too complicated/difficult to memorize for GIS staff, nevermind first responders URL parameters—Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS | Documentation 


Create a share widget or similar capability as described here Share widget—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Documentation. I want the end-user to be able to click a share button and it shares the extent of the map they are looking at, just like Web AppBuilder and the web map viewer.

The ability to tell someone else - "Hey, look at this area over here!" is fundamental to geo-collaboration and right now there is no easy way to do that with Operations Dashboard.

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This is a brilliant idea and I am sure it would be easy for them to implement.

As a slightly wonky workaround for now, this is something that you could do:

- Define a point geometry parameter in the dashboard

- Add a "Share" link to a List dashboard item which contains some points with x,y fields populated
- Craft the Share URL like so: 


This way at least the staff can copy the "Share" link URL and it should open the dashboard at the chosen location. 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

I've just come looking for this same function!

However also the ability to share based on a feature selected or shown in a widget or the filtering conditions.


In my case I'm using dashboards as the app for our meeting room finder (tried in Experience Builder but the filtering widget doesn't quite have the capability I need).   

Once someone has selected the meeting room of interest, it would be useful to have a URL that could be added to a calendar appointment that would open up the dashboard to that location.

Another scenario could be sending a URL with a list of appropriate rooms based on the filtering.