Operations dashboard - order categories manually

11-13-2018 11:58 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

I would like to order categories in bar charts manually rather than alphabetically.  That way, hierachies would be more readily apparent.  For instance, I have a dashboard which includes potential harm:

I would like these categories to appear in order of seriousness Minor, Injury, Disablement, Fatality, Catastrophic rather than alphabetically.  Could up & down arrows or drag and drop functionality (like in ArcGIS Pro) be added to order items manually?

Thanks for your consideration.


I'd like to see this applied to pie charts as well. Right now, their items are ordered from largest to smallest, but sometimes (as in the example you provide) you just need things in a different order. It's very helpful when comparing two such charts with the same items but in different relative percentages.


Two thumbs up! There are several use cases where a logical or chronological order of categories (in pie AND bar charts) is needed rather then by value or alphabetic. E.g. ordering a diagram according to project phases.