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Operations Dashboard - List Widget - Search tool

06-28-2018 01:24 PM
Status: Implemented
by Anonymous User
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In the Ops Dashboard, when adding the List widget, you may have a list with hundreds of features listed (even after applying filters on the widget) and you need to scroll to find an item you are looking for.

It would be useful to allow users to search through the list using an attribute field.


You can configure a Layer search in the web map (item details/settings page).  The dashboard map/search widget honours the web map's search configuration.

by Anonymous User

Hi Meg, thank you that would indeed also be a great way to do it! 


I would like to see a search tool that would allow related tables without geopoints to be searched, so users can see the point on the map that is associated with a record in the related table.  

I configured a "by layer" search, in the web map's Settings page (via the item details page, not the map viewer page), for one search I wanted to have available to users, but the other search I need to make available involves a related table that has no geopoints (it is related to geopoints in the main table), so there was no way of connecting that table to the search tool.


My dashboard is showing places (points) and there are people's names associated with each point (basically residents who live in a certain place).  The names are in a related table instead of the main table because all the data is obtained via Survey123, and the people's names are entered in to a "repeat" question.  My goal is to have some kind of search tool so that dashboard viewers can type in a person's name in order to find them on the map.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

The original ask (option to search within the list), was implemented as part of the November 2022 update of ArcGIS Online. All things remaining  equal, it will be picked up by ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1. 

Status changed to: Implemented