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Operations Dashboard - Highlight Selected Features in Map

04-30-2018 09:54 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Allow a selector to be applied to the map widget - highlighting those features identified by the selector. 

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@LJackson29 Can you provide more details on your idea? Our actions already include options to flash, filter, pan, zoom, etc in order to draw attention to a feature. Are you looking for something else? 


Thank you, I think this issue is covered by another existing idea:



I'm working with a client who just requested this enhancement.  Their justification is that they would like to see the feature they are selecting for a long duration, but without filtering out all of the other features in the map.  Flashing draws their attention to the correct feature, but it is very transitory.  Zooming and panning are great, but not useful for identifying a single feature when there is a clump.

Our use case: we're making a dashboard tracking inspections on highway culverts.  One tab displays the overall status of the inspections (how many completed, which districts have been covered, etc) and the other tab allows users to search a specific culvert ID to look up a table of inspection details on that culvert.  Culverts can often be clumped together and users may spend some time looking through the various attributes on the table.  Being able to go back and reference the correct feature in the map would be useful.