Operations Dashboard: Category Selector configured using Grouped Values does not support Map Actions

02-21-2018 05:46 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

A current limitation of Operations Dashboard with the Category Selector is the map action can only be used with Features.  Meaning you can only select one or more specific features for map response (i.e. zoomed/panned/flashed to). Using Grouped Values is designed to select features by a common attribute.  I would like Dashboard to support map actions for a Category Selector configured using Grouped Values.


I would like to see this extended to all elements that use grouped values. Selecting a wedge in a pie chart or a column in a serial chart should pan and zoom the map to those selected grouped features. This is particularly useful when you're grouping by a common location value like ward or district.  


Category selection via query string would be ideal as well.


I would also like to see it be able to do a action on a List to select everything that matches the Category Selector. Also to have a selection to select None in the Category Selector like you have for a Categories From Features.


I agree with the above comments. Its somewhat confusing that we are able to filter any indicators on the map but the map doesn't visually back up what the indicators are showing


Or at a minimum have the option of a map action to zoom to full extent of all features when the selector is changed.