Allow Operations Dashboard URL parameter to SELECT (not filter)

01-06-2020 05:30 AM
Status: Open
MVP Regular Contributor

Currently, the URL parameter in Operations Dashboard will filter the category selector. When I pass param=City of Saline, I get:

This renders the dashboard mostly useless. Users cannot navigate between the rest of the municipalities themselves.

Please also allow the option to simply select that choice instead of filtering out all the rest so it would look more like this with the rest of the choices still there:

Original Post: can Dashboard URL parameter select (not filter) category selector? 


This would be soooooo much more useful. I would up-vote twice if I could!

Need this right now!  Was looking for a way to make this happen in a dashboard at launch.  As a way around this I might just launch on a empty record that takes everything to a status zero overview page look and feel.

This would be much more useful to my use cases. I want the URL parameter to link someone to a filtered view, but I also need my users to be able to clear that, using the selector, to view all points.