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All Esri Living Atlas Apps and Dashboards should allow an option for adding your own data layers!!!

03-20-2023 01:30 PM
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I love the Esri-created Apps and Dashboards in the living atlas. I use the Air Quality, Active Fire, and Drought Tracker Dashboards daily. However, I wish they all had an "Add Data" widget so that I could import my own data layers from my AGOL or Enterprise URLs. This way I can see my AOI in relation to the Living Atlas data without having to deploy my own app (AKA reinvent the wheel).

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@FrancisHourigan1 Generally, can only add data to content you own. In your case, it seems like you want/need to own a copy of the dashboard and its map(s) in order to add your data to them. A potential workaround: 

Create a copy of a dashboard, using the steps in this blog:

Open the saved copy of the dashboard editing, and use the navigation menu in the upper left to find a link to the map(s). 



Open the maps and save copies. You should be able to add your layers to your saved copies.

Then (back in your saved copy of the dashboard), you need to delete the original map element and replace with one that points to your saved copy.

Disclaimer: Doing this might mess with any actions that were configured, but you can always wire those back up using the original dashboard as your 'guide'.