Add reporting and ability to export to CSV

12-28-2017 11:10 AM
Status: Open
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I recently created my first operations dashboard for use with Survey123 and was a bit disappointed to find i couldn't create reports or export any data.  It would be super helpful for if you could create custom reports and export your filter selections in dashboard to a csv file.


I agree. It is a simple addition that anyone can build and implement but most dont have the clearance, or infrastructure to build and add to their dashboards. ESRI already showed that they CAN add this, seeing that they gloat about it being in Survey123, but refuse to add it to OpDash despite the massive need for it (ex. 3 years later and people are still asking for it) I sometimes feel like it is an ESRI power move. 

I hope that they will add this capability ASAP, although I wont hold my breath, since Dashboards are a huge benefit to teams that 1) Dont use Survey123  2) Supervisors and Non- Technical parties 3) Stakeholders in a project. 


This idea has been sitting around for a while so it would be really nice to see it implemented. Though the export to csv functionality is there in WAB having it within ops dashboard would benefit a number of workflows for my customers and reduce duplication.


This functionality is necessary for our work. Please consider this need


Mainly the managers want to export the data from the dashboard which present a filtered data from the survey123. 

Some managers would like to export the extended area or the zone's data which belong to their management.


Considering the hyper-focus on dashboards related to COVID19 data I am sincerely disappointed by ESRI's lack of response and action on this highly requested feature. Comments related on exporting capabilities from other products is unhelpful. Derek Law Please communicate a more urgent message to the DevOps team to get this expedited. It is literally holding back Dashboards from being effective for business management and user's to be able to extract actionable data. Horatio McDowney


Our Engineering department uses dashboard for viewing field inspection data (Roads, Sidewalks, etc). Having the ability to pull filtered data in csv for reporting purposes would be extremely helpful.


Dashboards that I create is for C-level and Project Managers Only. It is for viewing only. All the filters that suits their needs are already applied, however, they love to have the ability to extract the information and make their own analysis.


I have clients ask for these capabilities. They want to export a csv list or report weekly from their dashboard instead of having to go into an application, filter down the data that are already displayed in indicators and lists in the OpsDashboard, select and export the data. This would be VERY USEFUL!


What I would like to be able to do is upload a CSV to the operations dashboard with non-map data to be able to visualize easily different categories and make it part of the the ArcGIS Hub Site. This way I can report progress and have it tied to an updating data source.


Yes! I have been creating dashboards for researchers primarily and they constantly ask "How can I get the data out!". Our clients love the ability to explore and visualize data through the dashboard, but need to be able to download filtered data to a .csv for further analysis or to create custom, publication quality figures. Right now, our work around is a separate database interface where data can be filtered again and then downloaded to a .csv. Ideally, this would all be done through the dashboard in a single place!

The ideal feature might be a data download widget. If dashboard builders didn't want users to have access to the data, they would simply not add this widget. It would be handy to configure the widget so that only certain users might be able to download data (user groups could be defined in AGOL).