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Ownership of Community Analyst projects

07-26-2023 11:30 AM
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Hi, we've got a new analyst who started and is looking to update the various Community Analyst reports and Dashboards we have for a certain community. I'd like to transfer ownership of the existing projects to this new user, as the original user left. But I am finding a mass of AGO items and have no idea where to even start. I created a new project yesterday to test this and found it auto generated a whopping 20(!) app items just for a single project. All I did was add a single polygon to the map and a Population overlay....

How to get a handle on this, identify all the projects and associated items, and get them transferred to a new user? 

Also wondering if I did something wrong during the setup process? this storage method seems unhinged, 20 items per project will severely clutter our AGO environment...


Thank you

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