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02-21-2020 01:53 PM
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We are having issues with users trying to log in but being told they are not assigned a role despite the fact that they have been. I have looked around trying to find an answer but have yet to find anything that covers this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 


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Hello Luke Supahan‌,

It looks like you are using the Azure Application Proxy to sign into Collector is that the case? Do you know if your Azure Application Proxy is configured with preauthentication? Currently preauthentication is not supported with Collector. Otherwise I would recommend contacting Microsoft support to investigate the error message further.



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by Anonymous User
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HI Thomas,

I am looking to use Collector against Portal via Azure Application Proxy with pre-authentication. Are there any work-arounds to get this functional, or is pass-through authentication the only way to access a Portal through the App Proxy? 

Any information and/or suggestions would be welcome.



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