Subtypes and Domains in the New Collector

08-17-2020 10:10 AM
Occasional Contributor

We’ve been using the Classic Collector to collect and update street signs.
I published the Signs layer a few months ago with Subtypes and Domains and it works well in the Classic Collector for both adding a new sign and editing an existing one, but I encountered issues in the new Collector when trying to edit an existing sign.

Each sign has a Category – Regulatory, Warning, Guide, etc. When a user selects a sign category, then in another field only the signs that belong to that category will show up (on a dropdown menu).

In the Classic Collector, when I change the category of an existing sign I’ll get a message and when I select “Keep Current Value” I can immediately see the dropdown menu that is relevant to the newly selected category.
In the new Collector when I select a new category for an existing sign I can’t see the dropdown menu of the newly selected category, but instead, I first need to hit ‘Submit’ and then select ‘Edit’ again and only then I can see the dropdown menu of the newly selected category.

Is there a way to change that behavior in the new Collector?

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