Symbolise and/or label based on related record in collector offline

07-23-2020 04:23 AM
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I am using collector to collect retail surveys (the use class and occupier of each unit). I have set this up to have a record for the property and then a related record for each survey (as one should when setting up a database).

To enable this to be user friendly for the surveyor, I would at the very minimum like to label the features so that it is easy to see which features have been updated and which haven't. I would also ideally like to display the most recent use in the symbology (shop, restaurant, office etc). I have found that I can join and save this as a hosted feature view and this allows me to do both of these things and it will show up in Collector. However, it is not possible to set the resultant layer up for syncronisation so Collector will not work offline - this is, unfortunately, a massive showstopper.

Is there another way that I could achieve what I want and allow me to take it offline?

Many thanks in advance


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