Is there a way to turn off edit multiple in Collector?

02-20-2020 03:17 PM
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The new capability within Collector to Edit Multiple is a incredibly powerful functionality. It has many great applications, but we are concerned that allowing any user with access to the map and the correct edit privileges to mass edit features can create problems. Is there a way to limit this in Collector, the map or the service in AGOL? Due to constraints in our program we must allow users to edit all features so it is conceivable that a user with 'fat fingers' or malicious intent could select and update thousands of records at once. We do want the reuse field entries capability in the 20.1.0 Collector release, but how do we at least turn off the edit multiple?Jeff Shaner

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I can't believe more people don't have this question!

I'd like to take it a step further and ask if there is a way to lock down the editable attributes further when editing multiple features at once.  We have many instances where surveyors like to edit a single attribute across many features (such as a status field or date field), but may accidentally edit another attribute (such as notes that should remain unique for each feature).  If we could disable editing for some fields when editing multiple features, this would solve the problem.

Anybody from ESRI have some insight to add?

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Turn off edit multiple option is not available. You can post at idea site: ArcGIS Ideas . 

Brant -  if you don't want field worker to edit specific field, you can configure popup and disable editing on that particular field. 

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm talking about fields that my users NEED to be able to edit, such as notes at a particular inspection site.  I also have a 'Status' field that needs to be updated, and inspectors will sometimes use the "edit multiple" feature to change the status of multiple inspection sites at a time.  Unfortunately, they will occasionally enter notes meant for a single site while editing multiple sites.  This overwrites the notes for all sites selected.  So we need to be able to disable the editing of the 'notes' field ONLY when editing more than one feature at a time.

I'll try submitting an idea for this.

Thanks again.

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