Workflow from Collector or Survey123 to create a task and have someone else complete it (offline)

07-22-2020 06:27 PM
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I am looking to create a workflow from Collector or Survey123 datasets working offline with sync. Basically I have a bunch of attributes, some that need attention, I would like to automatically create an assignment based on an attribute: field: value.

The flow pseudocode would be:

if( featureclass:field{status}="Needs Attention", then = create a TASK and notify someone)

The TASK would be to complete an inspection in the field that updates the existing feature data set or a related data set.

I have been trying to make Workforce complete this functionality but I can't seem to make Workforce update the data of another feature set. Also passing a specific partially filled Survey123 form to be completed does not seem to be working.

In Survey123 I can use webhooks with Integromat to send an email or perform another option. Is there a webhook option for Collector? Is ArcPy the best option?

Arcgis Standard License. 


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