Mobile scene support to collect/add photos in 3D space?

07-23-2020 06:32 AM
New Contributor III

I know this is not possible with Collector, but I just point out what our large AEC company is tendering out currently with big $ involved:

1.) Photomanagement not just on 2D maps, but within 3D scenes for BIM models

2.) ideally, select a Revit or (if this is required in the GIS world) multipatch feature on your mobile and add an image as additional attachment directly to this associated (editable) feature layer.

3.) but at least: since GPS is messing up the positioning within a building, it should be possible to drag positions onto the 3D element afterwards in an editable scene view on the browser

4.) bonus: have proper 360° panoramic imagery support for feature attachments (which was already proposed in 2018 )

With Esri's ongoing focus on 3D GIS and the collaboration with Autodesk, I really hope ArcGIS Collector jumps onto the BIM train too and won't miss out too much. There's so much potential...

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