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02-09-2017 05:53 AM
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I just read the Q/A  thread about Collector. This was from Feb. of 2015. I am particularly interested in the progress esri has made towards the ability to snap in collector, since the release of that thread two years ago. I ask, because this will be a big step forward for us, using collector as our main field collection method. 

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by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Shannon - This is on our short-term roadmap for the new version of Collector. Please see

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I'd like to know as well

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I know right! 

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Thanks for your inquiry. This enhancement request is in our backlog but we have yet to implement and unfortunately it will be some time before we can do so. Do not plan to see it in the product within 2017.

It would be great to get your use cases/workflows so that we can append them to our backlog item.

Here are a couple of questions that will help us out:

- Can you describe what you are creating and what you need to snap to?

- Are you looking to edit/reshape existing polylines/polygons and need topological operators too? If so, can you provide examples?

- Are you simply tapping on the map when you are snapping or expecting to move a position coming from GPS?



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Hi Jeff, in our case it could have been useful to 1) select multiple coincident water utility meter points and move them as a whole or 2) select utility meter points individually and then snap them to a previously placed meter point so that two or more meter points coincide.

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Hi Jeff,

My scenario would be to allow users to add leak points on the map and subsequently snap them to the closest underlying water pipes. would hope to see this functionality be pushed to higher priority.

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Hi Jeff,

I would also like to add our requirement for snapping:

1. snapping a sewer line to manholes

2. snapping a control valve, hydrant to a water line

3. snapping an event (i.e. water burst) to a water line or wastewater line



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Old thread but bumping because I think it is still relevant. Use case scenario almost identical to rafi aminov‌ but for lateral locate industry.

1. Drop 2 "manhole" point features.

2. Create and snap "mainline" line feature to manhole features.

3. Create and snap "sewer lateral" line feature to mainline feature or "manhole" feature.

4. Possibly create second/third "sewer lateral" line feature and snap one side to existing "sewer lateral" line feature.

5. Create and snap "cleanout" point feature to "sewer lateral" line feature.

6. Create and snap "damage" point feature/event to "mainline" or "sewer lateral" feature.

7. Create and snap "dig inspection" point feature/event to "sewer lateral" feature.

Collector seems great but currently if we want snapping and connected data on maps they would have to be post edited in office which adds cost/people/time. This defeats time/money saving purpose of in field data collection. We don't work with polyline or polygon and would have no need for topological operators. Data collection is not survey grade so the input would come from touching the map and dragging/dropping points. A visual indicator of a point/line snapping to another point/line would be great. Something like a circle/graphic hover function that lets you know the snap operation will take place. Another decent option would be a configurable setting that automatically snaps features that fall within a user specified precision factor.

Either way, 3.5+ years later, it's time to work this into the development schedule as a top priority.

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Jeff Shaner

Has there been any update to this effort since 2017? We desperately need snapping in collector. Can we look forward to seeing this implemented in 2019?

by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Shannon - This is on our short-term roadmap for the new version of Collector. Please see