Side loading tpk files now blocked in Android 11

07-17-2021 05:38 PM
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So I just found out that the sd card path for side loading tpk files is no longer visible using the file manager in Samsung Tab A (2019), neither is the path in main memory.  The Path should be Android/data/com.esri.collector/files/basemaps.  Android is trying to protect these program files.  You would think that the easy solution is for Collector to just make a file dialogue that would let you put the tpks anywhere you wanted that was NOT protected.  I found a work around thanks to YouTube University.  Go to Google Play and download X-plore and it will let you have access, just be sure to change setting to see hidden files.  Come on ESRI...keep up.

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See this post from Field Maps board

It is an Android thing not really a Esri issue.  This happened to all apps.

I do agree that it would be nice to use any spot, esp with 123 you have to double store them now.  My idea is the images dir.

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