Short integer coded-value domains not working properly in Windows 10 app

07-05-2017 11:20 AM
New Contributor II

My Collector project contains 2 different coded-value domains, each applied to its relevant short integer field.  One domain is applied to a field that stores "has the feature been updated?" values -- 1 for NO and 2 for YES.  It drives the symbology.  The other domain is applied to a "Signal Strength" field and presents the user with a list of values 1-4.  They work great in iOS.  In Windows 10, however, the UPDATED? domain will not show the coded values (yes or no)  but only the integers (1 or 2).  The SIGNAL STRENGTH field reverts to null when I select an existing feature and go into edit.  Does anyone know if this is a known issue and/or have a suggestion for making it work in Win 10?

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