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Geoform image attachments not visible in viewer.

04-02-2016 12:41 PM
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I've created a web app using a geoform where the attachment is required and a subsequent summary viewer web app. The point of the geoform was to document potholes in my country and the requirement is to upload pictures of the pothole to provide evidence for the report. Where do the images go?

I can't see the uploaded images in the viewer nor in the summary viewer. Is this a glitch? One person had a similar question and he said that he can't view the attachments without a license.

Sounds like it defeats the purpose of creating the web app and being able to share it publicly if persons who do the survey can't view their uploads and the uploads of others.

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Over a year has passed, and no answer to this post???? 

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This forum is for Collector for ArcGIS application. The question above should be directed to -->  ArcGIS Online Templates 

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Although the question is an old one, it does relate to Collector, as well as online templates.  Specifically , how can a crew using Collector follow-up on items submitted via a crowd-sourced geoform?  In this case, a member of the public is submitting a report on a pot-hole, its location and a photo. A member of the street department would use Collector to verify the report by examining a photo attached by the citizen; this verification could involve a site visit.

The basic question is: can Collector and the geoform share the same feature layer?  From my experimenting, I believe they can.

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