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Pop-ups are very helpful to non GIS professionals.  Please.....please modify this so we can determine the order, and customize it to our end users.  I recently created a city council district map and added a "Data-Enrichment" layer that showed detailed demographics.  I would prefer that my simple popup for the council ward shows first with very… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi,   I recently made a simple Swipe Map app in ArcGIS Online and I am looking at how to add labels on both sides of the map in order to help readers to understand what the data shows when swipe is used either left or right.   For example, imagery on the left could be in 2015 and imagey on the right in 2018... Is it possible to add such labels?… (Show more)
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Is it possible to lesson the Location Tracking interval between recordings? Currently the shortest period allowable on ArcGIS Online is 30 seconds. If I could change this to, say, every 5 seconds this capability would be much more useful. 
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Click to view contentI had a correctly configured Crowdsource Reporter on my ArcGIS Online account that was working properly. I decided I wanted to delete a field in my Hosted Feature Layer and I was no longer able to submit reports. When I clicked the Submit a Report button the loading icon will spin forever. After an hour of changing the settings of my hosted… (Show more)
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I'm having issues using both the Summary Viewer (template) and the Summary Widget (web app builder). I am using the viewer/widget (have tried both ways) to summarize total population using a polygon layer. I have a filter on the data based on a percentile (e.g., 10-20th percentile vulnerable population, 20-30th, etc...).   The full extent of the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentWe have recently had Problem Reporter configured however are running into an issue. The "Attachments" button is configured as a pop up. The problem is that we don't want the attachment to show up on the map after the citizen has submitted the problem. Currently the map displays just certain information after the citizen submits the problem and… (Show more)
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I created a GeoForm application that is hosted in ArcGIS Portal 10.6. When viewing submissions, points show up on the map but not in the left panel as list items.  Any idea why? 
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I like the Crowdsource Reporter template, but the user's current location is not important as I want them to add locations on the map of destinations they frequent.  Is there a way to disable the initial search radius upon the application loading? 
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The Information LookUp configurable App has a side "pop up box" and at the bottom of the box is a "Link" icon. My question is:  Can this "Link" icon be used as way to reference or link outside documents, like to a PDF or Word file etc..?  It does not appear so, but it would be nice to have some confirmation on this nevertheless.   The Link icon… (Show more)
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Hi   We have recently finished a public consultation using the Crowdsource Polling template with the feature service and related table sitting on our SDE server. Most of the time the database and ArcGIS Server servers were performing ok (apart from the last few days where there was an influx of comments!). However, the performance of the app… (Show more)
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