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Hello everyone! I am currently working with a remote monitoring system that gathers data from an anemometer, and would like to know if there's any way I can link that data to a map in ArcGIS online so the information is continually updated. The information is coming from a Raspberry Pi, any way I can send that information through an IoT system,… (Show more)
Is there a way to hide previously submitted survey points on the maps in Crowdsource reporter (CR)? My project involves having users point locations on the map where infrastructure may impact biodiversity and have them fill in survey questions as attributes. I created the surveys through survey123 but since survey123 only supports one geopoint per… (Show more)
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I have a beginners question that I am embarrassed to ask but need help. My appraisal department is wanting me to update their paper maps. I have to bring in everything from a .dwg. which I have done. I am trying to make the maps look like their maps with the same symbols and format. I know I need to make a template that I can use so I am not… (Show more)
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I've created a Reporter Application to allow the general public to place recommended future land uses on a map.  We  have set the symbology for the input layer, and double checked all the permissions.  The file available at this link was… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi, I'm currently using crowdsource reporter. I'm treating it not only as a platform to submit responses but rather like a survey for public participatory GIS.   My question is: Is there a way to add demographic information into the app without having to point any location? I just need one demographic category that links each respondents’ info to… (Show more)
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I have a question about the workflow of setting up the map and GeoForm while ensuring privacy. I am considering a project where hotline calltakers (volunteers from Red Cross/United way, etc.) can use GeoForm to submit call requests. These are requests that will be used for routing deliveries (such as bottled water to residents) and because of this… (Show more)
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Other than the jewelry box theme template, is there any other way of configuring a web app with the legend always visible?   I have a simple map with only one layer with simple symbology in it, I need to show the legend all the time, so people don't have to click on a widget to get the legend up... the jewelry box theme has half the map taken up… (Show more)
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I am using the Environmental Screening tool in ArcGIS Online to create an application.  It used to zoom into the zipped shapefile I upload for the project area for the screening, but not it just loads it and buffers the zipped shapefile but it won't zoom into the project area.  Did I uncheck somthing or did something change in the application?
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Click to view contentI am using locally hosted map service to use in Map series web app. But I am getting an error  when I try to add/show specific content for specific tabs. I have attached an image as well for you look at. It says map layer is inaccessible.  Please help.  Thank You Nusrat    
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I have circled the header I am trying to change. I want different text to show up when I scroll to the next page and it won't let me.
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