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I would like to be able to filter a schools layer in the filter app by using drop-down lists on multiple fields (School Type, Performance Level, Operating Agency). However, each filter layer only gets a single "Apply Filter" button and the drop down menus do not include an "All" value. This means that I cannot select to view all charter schools… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates
Hello. we have configured an app to use Crowdsource Polling. We downloaded the source files from github and are hosting the app on our server. After some struggles, we have it working, but now would like the user to be able to skip the section with the comment button and previously submitted comments. What we need is when the user clicks on a list… (Show more)
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I have a country table where some attribute data where some of the complete data fields are applicable and some are not so the field is blank <Null>.  For example, tick-borne encephalitis in only applicable in 10 countries so it is blank in the other 242 countries.   How to I configure a popup in AGOL to display the field (tick-born encephalitis)… (Show more)
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I like the Crowdsource Reporter template, but the user's current location is not important as I want them to add locations on the map of destinations they frequent.  Is there a way to disable the initial search radius upon the application loading? 
in ArcGIS Online Templates
I'm customizing the GeoForm template, including adding a customization to the builder. A basic app, hosted on my own server, is found here: GeoForm    I believe I should be able to load the builder by adding "&edit=true" as a url parameter, but I'm asked to sign in, click OK (no text boxes to enter credentials), and taken to an error page saying… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates
So I've been playing around with the Live Maps (beta) and Public Information templates and am trying to see older Tweets but have only been able to view tweets in the last 15 minutes at the latest. I would really like to see tweets from the last week (at the earliest - If I can see even older tweets then even better) I have tried to filter using… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates
Hello,   I have created an application using the Web AppBuilder in ArcGIS Online. The app works perfectly fine when I open it in Google Chrome. However, when I try to open it in Firefox and Internet Explorer, the app just continues to load and does not open. I opened up the web console to further inspect what the underlying issue could be and… (Show more)
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Hi there, I just wanted to know if this is a bug or a feature...   The following use case: - My web map contains copies of the same feature service, with different filters. - I create a web app using a configurable app template (tested with the elevation profile and the basic viewer) - under the "search" tab, I find only the last layer copy… (Show more)
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HELLO. I need inserted a jpg in a pop-up in arcgis online, but not working i dont not why. I will show the problem in photos
in ArcGIS Online Templates
Hello,   I created an app on AGOL using the story template. I used the National Geographic template.   The zoom interval is too large so that when I zoom in only once, most of my state is outside the extent, but if I zoom out once then the state is too small.   Hosting the app on my own server is not an option so I can't use any of the script… (Show more)
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