Search by Layer Attributes not working on Collector for IOS

08-06-2020 07:09 AM
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Whenever I make a map on ArcGIS Online, I allow the search bar to search by items ID (or really any other attribute). It always worked perfectly on the webmap, and on my Collector app, which I use on Android.

But recently the Field Workers were asking for a way to search by item ID. Which was funny, because the options was always there. Turns out that they use Collector for IOS (no, not the classic one). Whenever they type something on the search bar, it only shows addresses. I tested with some colleges which uses IOS as well, and none can search by attribute. 

Is this a know issue? Collector for IOS let the user search by attribute, if the map is reconfigured that way? Because from the experience my workplace, that is not the case. 

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Gustavo Souza‌ yes, Collector on iOS supports searching for fields within a layer if the map is configured as described here Make a map—ArcGIS Collector | Documentation. Are you actually tapping search or just seeing the place suggestions?  Feature results won't show up in the suggestions list.  If you can share a video of what you're seeing that would be helpful.

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