Related records created in new Collector app don't have Rel_GlobalID

03-18-2019 11:23 AM
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I started playing around with the new Collector app a couple months ago. I really like the new interface and the labels in the web map. But I was having issues with related records I created not showing up after submitting them.

A coworker found that the related records were being created, but without a Rel_GlobalID:

I'm assuming Rel_GlobalID field is how Collector finds related records to display. Once the related records are created in another application, they display and work as expected.

Any pointers on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello Emily,

What are the Primary and Secondary Key fields used for your relationship class? I would recommend ensuring that the Primary Key (Feature Class) is a Global ID field and the Foreign Key (table) is a GUID field. It might also be a good idea to test editing in a web map.

How To: Set up related tables for use in Collector for ArcGIS 



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Sorry about the late response, but thanks for the tip. I believe our relationship is set up correctly and we can edit the webmap in Portal just fine. I'm going to put in a ticket for this and I'll post back here when we (hopefully) have answers. Thanks again!

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