Problem with Related Tables in New Collector Version, but Not in Collector Classic

02-19-2019 08:16 AM
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I recently upgraded my iOS devices to the new version of Collector. Now, when I go to add a new record in any of my related tables I get an error that says, "No collectable layers are visible." I can see the related table name and I can click on it, but when I click "Add" the error pops up. I do not get this error in Collector Classic. Are there any additional settings in the new version that I need to change?

I'm not sure if it is relevant, but the layer was originally created using Survey123 Connect, and the related tables were created as repeats.

For now, my crews can get by with Collector Classic, but I'd like to get this figured out so I can take advantage of the exciting new features that the new version will provide.

Thank you for your help.

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That could be it since tables do not work in all kinds of things in Esri land.  I am not even sure how a search on table would work - what would it return?  Its a map so it needs spatial data.

123 forms ALWAYS have spatial.  It can be 0,0 or actual useful info.  We use the GPS on all forms for QA.  Super duper handy for fixing bad keys, people going to the wrong spot, etc.

So my advice is make it a Feature and it all becomes so much easier.  We did this for our main database and it works wonders.

Just my opinion, hope it helps.

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The issue is related to how you publish feature service with related record. Here are three ways you can run into this that I am aware of: 

1)  using Survey123 connect to create

2) upload fileGDB with related record to publish 

3) Using ArcGIS REST api to create service 

The JSON for those hosted feature service with related table will have null 'templates' information, which cause issue to Collector. We plan to address it but no specific time yet.  

If you are using ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro to publish, you should not run into this. 


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Is there any way to get this escalated? I have been trying to move all my field collectors into Collector and away from Classic, but this issue is preventing that from happening. It also means many people have to know when to use Collector and when to use Classic which can get confusing.

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Thank you Miaogeng Zhang‌, that explanation helped me fix the issue, by republishing the service (which was orginaly published using survey123) from ArcGIS Pro.

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Hi everyone,

Any word on this bug at all?  With Classic being no longer supported, and the only viable option for related tables, I can't use Collector for ArcGIS.

We have numerous map services that act as inspections and are all based on related tables.  I have downloaded and tried both Collector and Field Maps, but I cannot create a new "inspection" on the related tables.  I can view the related table inspections in both Apps, but cannot create a new one.  This is how our entire field crew and more have utilized Classic.

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