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Offline Pop-Ups and Labels

04-04-2014 06:29 AM
New Contributor
Two part question regarding offline feature services:

I have a web map with a couple of feature services(AGO hosted, not tiled) built for collector.  Only one layer has editing enabled in the web map and two(including the editable) have pop-ups, the rest are essentially "base" layers.  All services have synch enabled.  When I take the map offline using an Esri basemap all of the services appear and draw correctly.  I have two problems however:

- Labels appear (which is great) but they only display in the center of the polygon, the label properties in the feature services are ser to esriServerPolygonPlacementAlwaysHorizontal Is there a way to adjust the label properties for the offline feature service? 

-Pop-ups are enabled for every layer in the web map.... This is fairly cumbersome as it's drilling through and picking up several polygon layers.  Is there a method to prevent this from happening?

We need to use the Esri Imagery service as the basemap, so side-loading a custom basemap does not appear to be an option at this time. 

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