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New Upcoming Offline Mode - Data Storage

01-24-2014 09:28 AM
New Contributor III

I was wondering if someone from the Collector development team could answer a specific question for me.

For the upcoming offline support, when one selects the area to download onto the device what is the average amount of storage space the locally cached data is occupying? And as a follow up, what is the largest amount of data you've been able to download?

I ask because I am about to purchase some iPads and as you know the amount of data storage capacity cannot be increased at a later time. I am planning to just purchase a 16GB model as the device will only be used for mobile GIS but if there is the potential for the offline data that is stored to be quite large, I'd like to have the additional capacity from the start rather than wishing I'd purchased a larger model after the fact.

Thank you.
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