Collecting customer signature using ArcGIS Collector?

01-19-2014 10:17 PM
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we would like to be able to get customer signatures when using ArcGIS Collector. Our current (planned) workflow is to bring a paper form along, that the cusomer signs, and which we subsequently photograph, and then store the photo as an attachment using ArcGIS Collector.

The (unsigned) forms are available to our ArcGIS Collector users as PDF attachments via our feature service.

Ideally, we would keep the paper out of this process. Is there a way to use ArcGIS Collector to get customer signatures on the screen of a pad/mobile device? Have either of you tried this before?

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Currently there is not a way to do this. The app can only attach images or videos and can only view the pdfs not attach them. I haven't tried this but you could try this.. If you could first convert the pdf to a jpg and view the image in collector, save it to the camera roll, open the image in the photo editor app where the person could sign the form then save that image and attach it to the feature in the Collector app.. Then you can convert that image back to pdf in the back end.

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