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Collector App - Adding Attribute data to existing features

01-28-2014 10:06 AM
New Contributor
Having fully tested the Collector App I am very happy with its capabilities. But I want to try and develop a functionality where I can have a static number of features and just collect daily data on them. For example I would like to explore the feasibility of performing asset management in the field using this app. The assets are static, a new point doesn't need to be collected for them. However the data they represent needs to be collected on a daily basis. Once a feature is created, I can go in and edit its data, but I want to create a duplicate row, as it where, sorted by date for example. Is this functionality available?
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Esri Notable Contributor
This current workflow is not supported in the app today. Related table support will be coming but it will not be included in the upcoming release which will focus on disconnected editing.

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