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Need Help With A Collector Workflow

03-28-2014 11:45 AM
Occasional Contributor
This issue probably belongs in the ArcGIS Online forum as much as it does here, but let's see if the smart folks here can help out.

OK, I've got work crews that are using Collector to collect polyline data in a streaming mode.  These crews drive virtually the same route daily (BTW, it's the runway and taxiway complex at a large airport, and they are conducting their daily inspections).  They want want to keep the polyline tracks of each day's drive for up to 30 days for reference, which means 30 days worth of tracks get placed into the hosted feature service.  However, on the Collector app they only want to see the track they are driving that day - they don't want to see any previous day's data.

I thought I could handle this requirement in the ArcGIS Online Simple Map Viewer using a filter set, perhaps displaying just a data element that does not have a date selected, but as soon as the field crews enter a date and sync the data the track is no longer visible to them.

I think what I'm really looking for is a filter selection that would red something like 'Display features if 'Date is Today''.

Anybody have any recommendations on how I could set this up in Collector?  Thanks!

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