Maps disappearing in collector

05-18-2020 01:37 AM
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I am currently testing collector and one of my team (user1) has got this message (see attachement) when downloading and then all her maps that are shared with here disappear and she gets the message that "No maps are shared" When she signs out and back in then the maps re appear. Her permission level is Publisher.

I have another user (user2) who is a Data Editor on a Field licence and all maps shared with him have disappeared - his permissions are the exact same as other users in the group and his group permissions are correct. I have deleted his account and re added him and the same occurred - eventually I set up his user name and password and sent them to him directly and he could see the maps.

Both users are on android and the app does not require an update. User 1 has poor coverage in her location.

Any thoughts - the app is hopefully being rolled out to a number of users in our organisation shortly but dont want these type issues occuring.

Thanks in advance, 


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