Collector search via Wi-Fi

05-04-2020 05:01 AM
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I have gotten  couple of complaints that field crews are not able to search for a location in Collector via Wi-Fi but it works fine on cellular data.

Some of our tech are working in fairly remove substations.  All of our substations have wi-fi.  It is very low power wi-fi probably equivalent to 1g or 2g.  So I brewed a lite version of the Collector app that is only points and a gray background to reduce the amount of band width.

One the them got back to me that it is not working on his home wi-fi either

All the crews are using iPhone.  Some may be iPhone 6, 7, or 10.  And they should be on the newer Collector app from the app store.

I cannot reproduce it on my iPhone XR on my home wi-fi.

Any thoughts.

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Hi Robert,

What kind of location searches are they doing? Are these addresses, coordinates, or parts of a Feature search (feature attributes)? Signal strength can certainly be a factor when searching addresses and coordinates because the requests have to hit the geocoding service; if this fails or takes too long there will be no results. 



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Searching by features/layers

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