Log File for Collector Windows 10

10-03-2018 09:34 AM
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Does Collector in Windows 10 have a log file that records Bluetooth GPS information?  I am working with Trimble on an issue with the R2, Windows 10, Collector, and VRS.  With their latest R2 firmware (5.37), the VRS information setup in GNSS status is not being utilized by Collector.  It only will use SBAS.  The workflow for setting up the R2 on Windows 10 and Collector is slightly different than when using the last firmware that would work with this configuration (5.22).  Using 5.22 you connect to the R2 using GNSS status app first, the start Collector.  With 5.37, Trimble instructed me to setup NMEA via the WebUI, then open GNSS status and select all NMEA options and apply.  Once you hit apply, GNSS will disconnect from the R2.  Then you are supposed to open Collector.  That process works, however the R2 will only use SBAS and not VRS, which is the default setting in GNSS Status.  Trimble stated that the last setting in GNSS status should be the one being used by Collector.  Since that isn't happening, they are looking for a log file from Collector to figure out what is going on.

Anyone have any ideas?



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