Issues downloading maps for offline use

07-05-2019 10:36 AM
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I'm having issues with downloading 2 different maps for offline use.

Both maps will open fine on both Android Samsung S2 and iPad.  The issue seems to be the size of the area I try and download.  On the Android tablets, if I select a small area to download, the map will download and open as expected but if I try and download a large area that the map will download but will not open and crashes Collector and Collector will continue to crash when trying to reopen.  On the iPad, the small area with download and work as expected, but the larger area download will fail (Error Message: Map Download Failed Unable to download the map.  The operation couldn't be completed. Unable to resume downloading the map. Unable to resume downloading the map.).

I am also occasionally getting an error on the iPad of Layer Not Loaded Unable to load layer "layer name" from  The request timed out.

I am using TPKs loaded on the device and not trying to download base maps.  These 2 maps are were newly created back in May and were working at one point.  Other maps do not have these issues.

Collector is up to date on both Android and iPad (We have not switched to the new collector on iOS yet to try and maintain consistency between devices until the new version is released for Android)

Devices: Android Galaxy Tab S2 Android Version 7

iPad Air 2 iOS 12.3.1

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