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How do I edit my AGOL map in ArcGIS for Desktop?

12-01-2016 09:57 AM
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I am mapping a sewer utility by first using collector and AGOL map to field locate the manholes first.  I want to add in sewer pipes in on ArcGIS for Desktop to creat my sewer network.  How do I edit my AGOL map in ArcGIS for Desktop?  When I connect to my AGOL map and try to edit it, it says it wont allow editing.  Is there a setting i missed somewhere?

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You should publish a map document to AGOL with your pipes and then add that layer to your AGOL map used in collector.

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Check out the Help article "About editing data from feature services".  You basically make a local copy of the data in ArcMap, make your edits, and then sync back to the service.