Experiencing VERY long packaging time for Basemaps

06-07-2021 09:47 AM
by Anonymous User
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Lately, I've been having issues with VERY LONG PACKAGING times. I'm having issues with taking a a very simple map offline line. Nothing is on the map except the basemap. I'm trying the world imagery and setting the details to city wide. This would normally take like 10 seconds. I am experiencing up to 1 hour for the same map which is like 10 mbs. 

I've called ESRI and they said they are experiencing the same issues. This happens quite frequently. Happen to me 3 weeks ago and it was down for 4 days. Then it started to work for a week. But now again it is behaving the same way. Taking over 30 mins to make a map that is 5 mbs. 

Anyone experiencing this as well ?  

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