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Collector feature labels

05-27-2021 06:45 AM
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One of our clients uses the Collector desktop app (Windows 10). For some reason, the feature labels do not display any longer. They show up fine in map viewer and mobile Field Maps but not on the desktop version of Collector. Would anyone have a suggestion as to why they aren't visible?

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When you say that the labels are no longer visible in the Collector Desktop App -

 1. Did you stop seeing labels in Collector Desktop after updating to a newer version? If so, what was the last version that you had labels displayed?
 2. Do you see labels on other platforms (Collector Android, etc.) ?
 3. Has the data (MMPK) changed in any significant way before you stopped seeing labels ?

Could you kindly provide the version of the Collector App that you currently use ?
Would you be able to provide any data (MMPK) so we can do some testing on our side?

Kind Regards,
Peter Dimitrov

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Thanks PeterDimitrov1,

I contacted tech support. This was the response:

"Testing with my own data, it looks like that limitation also occurs in the Windows 10 version of Collector. Here is some documentation that overviews this limitation and includes a workaround. If the labels are created in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro then uploaded to ArcGIS Online, they will be visible in Collector."

I passed this info on to our client and haven't gotten a reply back yet.

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