Domain additions are not going through to collector maps

09-09-2020 04:58 PM
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I have collector maps containing a VIEW of inventories that specific contractors need to visit and log a treatment.  A simple polygon feature service with a related table.  This is a new data collection effort and we are finding ourselves having to add domain values(all on AGOL side) to our related table. big deal....right...

Oh...this is all offline and I am managing offline areas for my contractors.  I can not get the domains to go into the collector maps on the tablets.  I can see the domain additions in the web maps on agol....

I have...

1.  updated the managed area....yeah ...nope

2.  recreated the managed area ...yeah ...nope

3.  If I have to remove and re-add and reconfigure the view inside of 12 separate web maps every time I need to add a domain value to a field ..Yeah...that ain't gonna happen....

Does anyone have any ideas......??????

Oh...and something is triggering these changes to come across because "some" maps, on "some" tablets will have the domain additions.....

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I did some test with agol using a view with a related table. after recreating the managed area, the newly added domain shows at Collector after downloading again. For those tablets that doesn't work, do you re-download the area? 

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