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Collector - Error when trying to download a map on Android

08-08-2018 12:26 AM
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When I try to download a map for a Collector App on an Android device, I get the following error message : "Read error: ssl=0xce25a880: I/O error during system call, software caused connection abort."

When I download a map with a size of about 10 MB everything works fine, but when the size gets larger, it crashes.

Do you have a solution for this problem ?

Thanks a lot !

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I am experiencing the same issue. Have you been able to work out what the problem is/was?

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Hello Jessica,

No I haven't found a solution to this issue.

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Hello Everyone 

I also have a problem them you about the error message: "Read error: ssl=0xce25a880: I/O error during a system call, software caused connection abort. because the Collector app has two like Collector for ArcGIS and Collector Classic so the solution of it ->Please go through to Your MAP -> Setting ->  Office page -> Manage Area-> Choose area Size as you want then Save it complete. #arcgisonline

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