Does Collector support custom images as point symbols?

09-04-2017 02:18 AM
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I was wondering whether Collector supported custom images as point symbols?  I have a web map that correctly displays a range of custom images for a point layer's symbology, but when this is opened in Collector they are only displayed as a 'prohibited' symbol (a red circle with a diagonal slash through it). 

If it's is not currently possible is it something on the to-do list?

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I also have this same issue.  I used a custom image and it shows properly in AGOL map viewer and my web app, but not in collector.  It just shows an empty white space for the symbol. I created the custom image in GIMP and saved as a png file.

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I've also had this issue, but one step farther.  We have created collector applications using custom PNG symbols, and we get the 'Prohibited' symbol, but only on some of the field tablets (as in same make/model but about half are fine and the others are experiencing trouble). It works fine on iPhones, and all tablets can use the customized symbols just fine in the Explorer for ArcGIS app on their field equipment.  Very strange!  I hope someone figures out the answer! I love being able to use custom symbol!

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